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Lavazza Blue - Espresso Point - Lavazza coffee machines

Our espresso pod plans are simple… when you buy an agreed number of pods each month you pay nothing for the machine, nothing for maintenance and nothing for repair. Just pay by direct debit for the consumables you order each month. You can also have the add-on paid option of a full-service contract where espressopods can offer an annual valet and descale clean of your machine.

Simply get in touch to choose the right machine and plan for you.


Incredible value

Need at minimum of 100 capsules a month? Our Pod Plan subscriptions will save you money, time and hassle.

FREE machine

FREE support

FREE maintenance


Each capsule is packed with the finest ingredients blended by experts and sealed-in for maximum flavour and freshness. And that makes for happier customers, visitors, teammates and staff every time.

Coffee for Lavazza Blue and Coffee and Tea for Espresso Point


The easy way to deliver the coffee-shop quality people want where they want it:

  • Meeting, reception and waiting areas
  • Cafes, restaurants and hotels
  • Sports, community and spaces…

Lavazza Espresso machines


We make is easy for anyone to offer high-quality hot drinks. Our great-value SLAs take care of installation and training, supplies, servicing and repairs. Complete and stress-free service for one low monthly price.

Coffee machines for business

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Lavazza Blue Pods

Innovative Lavazza BLUE is an easy-to-use foodservice coffee pod.  It allows exceptional coffees to be used as single and or double pod via dedicated Lavazza BLUE machines for a faster service as it by passes the grinder. No waste and no residue plus the choice of more than one blend of coffee to appeal to the taste preferences of all your customer.

Lavazza Blue pods

Lavazza Espresso Point

Real espresso in a no-stress, no-mess capsule. Now anyone can serve the perfect cup of Italy's favourite coffee every time.

Lavazza Espresso Point

Jenier World of Teas

Jenier World of Teas work with experienced Tea Masters sourcing and supplying only the highest quality teas.

Jenier Tea pods