Lavazza Espresso Point and Lavazza Blue Consumables

120 years in every drop

Over a century of passion and innovation has lead to the development of Lavazza Blue and Espresso Point. The harmonious blend of craftsmanship, artistry and science is what makes Lavazza Italy's favourite coffee.

Quality tea now in pods

Jenier World of Teas bring fresh-tasting and perfectly-blended tea to the Lavazza Espresso Point system.

  • Each pod consistently delivers maximum fresh flavour.
  • Each contains an ideal measure of coffee grounds or tea leaves.
  • The Lavazza Espresso Point machine injects water at the perfect pressure.
  • Ideal brewing conditions are created each and every time.
  • At just the right moment the pod ruptures in an explosion of flavour.
  • The perfect espresso or tea is served. No mess, no hassle and no waiting.

As specialist Lavazza Blue and Lavazza Espresso Point suppliers, espressopods stock a full range of espresso pods from Lavazza and tea capsules from Jenier World of Teas. For the biggest savings, where you only pay for the consumables you use, check out our Pod Plans for Business.

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Lavazza Espresso Point pods from espressopods